Sea Stories

Here is the place for stories and anecdotes both from me and my fellow sailors from times past.

“The Penguin” is a humorous story about three men in a boat, sailing across the Atlantic  in the spring of 1981. It has been entrusted to me by my friend and mentor Cal White (WF5W).  Cal, his friend T. O. (the author), and Roger skippered a Golden Hind 31 named The Penguin from England to Barbados. The story is a matter of fact, humorous, and informative daily log chronicling their adventures.

While you’re waiting for more stories, have some Free Remoras! This was filmed with a cheap webcam in a PVC drain pipe with a plexiglass window. My friend Al and I were in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on our way to Port Isabel. I had to idle Solitaire down to stop the PVC from oscillating. Thanks to Jacob for the editing!