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TraFAILgar Day

On October 21st, 2014, Trafalgar Day, the Bacliff Exploration Society launched Autosharktypus, by all accounts, the first Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) to grace the waters of Clear Lake Texas. The goal was for it to transit a couple of miles, remaining close to shore, ending up at the pub Boondoggles. Autosharktypus had worked fine the night before, but on this day it was not to be.

This effort was made to satisfy our sense of humor for the most part. After all, when rocket scientists aren’t allowed to build rockets they tend to get bored. If there’s any worthwhile takeaway from this story its that if you want anything memorable to happen in this life you can’t be afraid to fail. It is after all the only proven path to success. And who knows, if you get it right, you just might end up at Boondoggles!

Enjoy the video: