Month: September 2015

League City Smog

Smog from Bay Area Blvd

Smog viewed from Bay Area Blvd

September 23, 2015

It’s the first day of fall, and as the intense heat of summer begins to fade, its not uncommon to get some patchy fog from time to time. Such was the case this morning, so I thought, as I motorcycled my way to work. But when I got to the top of the Kemah bridge I could see this brown band emanating from Laporte, and then riding the light north wind down to envelop League City.

Maybe my exposure level is higher being on a motorcycle, but regardless, by the time I got to work my throat was burning. I hope my children are faring better in their classrooms following their walk to school through this stuff. Houston presently ranks 6th in the nation for worst air quality.

Why do we live like this? Because environment is a dirty word in Texas. The state government is in the pocket of big business. They are actively working to stop the City of Houston from helping solve this problem. Might makes right after all. Here’s a handy Texas Air Quality Forecast so you will know when to play it safe and stop breathing 🙂

Here’s more:  National Geographic: In Texas Environmental Officials Align with Polluters