The Goal

My aim is to lower the technological barrier so that everyone interested can play a role in exploring the world’s oceans. I think by now everyone can agree that our world is undergoing a period of rapid environmental change. It is imperative that we try to capture the state of the oceans today in order to help us understand, as fully as we can, what is occurring all around us.

Completely exploring a pond can take weeks, yet we need to perform this task for 71 percent of our planet, frequently immersed in total darkness, sometimes traversing under miles of ice, and regularly coping with pressures of over 6,000 pounds per square inch. It will take global collaboration to do this, an expansive partnership consisting of students, fishermen, offshore oil workers, retirees, merchant mariners, parents, children, IT professionals, gamers, radio operators, and so on, but all of them explorers.

In the months to come I will begin designing, building and testing a few of the subsystems and vehicles necessary to begin this effort. My intent is to make the plans freely available where possible for you to use as-is or to improve upon. As things progress I will come to need partners and associates of all skills and sorts, but first I must begin delivering on what I have promised. But now, coffee.