My New Direction

Find your passion and then follow it. Sagely advice to be sure. I have spent the last decade designing and building spacecraft, mostly for NASA. By and large it has been a rewarding experience, primarily because of the amazing people you get to hang out with. But as time slips by, I feel more and more compelled to make a difference. I personally think life is like a camping trip. You should try to leave things a little better than when you arrived.  My new way of doing this is by providing the robotics needed to enable us to explore our oceans.

I have always loved the sea. Although I’ve been confined to the surface, the little I have seen there has been astonishing. During my time devoted to the exploration of space, sailing was a pleasant distraction for me, but now things are going to change. I keep my sailboat, Solitaire, on Galveston Bay close to home. She will now be pressed into service to help me develop the tools to explore the oceans from top to bottom.  The Gulf of Mexico is on my doorstep, so this is where I shall begin. But first I have to get her working again, and then build some sea dwelling robots…Lots of work to be done. But now, coffee.